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Roar of Silence

The roar of silence reassures.  Silence when reading, when working, when doing household chores, when laying in bed loving the comfort and warmness.  The roar of crowds deafens, hurts my brain.  Tolerance for simultaneous multiple noisy things once is small.  But silence….silence…

Be silent and know that I am GOD.  Ps 46:10.

Be silent
Be still, aware;
In your own heart
The Spirit
Is at prayer;
Listen and learn,
Open and find,
Heart wisdom, 

A bidding prayer from Malling Abbey

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Baptism night
Two moons
One in the black sky
One in the black water
Climb down
Into the chill
Salt marsh, waist deep
Welcoming arms of the
Hand over nose
Plunge back into
Baptism night

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The End

When our treasures turn to stone,
Then its time to travel home.
From earthly realms our spirit loose,
To meet in Heaven, forget the ruse.
Untie yourself from time and space ,
Unband yourself from this sinful place.
Hand in hand with Jesus go,
Unfailing love then you will know.

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