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I can never escape from your spirit!

  I can never get away from your presence!

If I go up to heaven, you are there;

  if I go down to the place of the dead, you are there.

If I ride the wings of the morning,

  if I dwell by the farthest oceans,

even there your hand will  guide me.

  and your strength will support me.

                     New Living Bible, Psalm 139: 7 – 10
















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The sunny day I captured God

I reached into a mountain brook

And pulled out a stone

Flat on one side, it looks like a nut,

Sparkly, colorful on the other

Just like us.

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when I don’t know what to do

when I don’t know what to say

I can pray.


I can ask that God will take my burden

unlock it with a key

pour it from my yoke to his

still my soul will be.


from the dark into the Light

my heart can finally see

the burden that was so cumbersome

he takes it on his back for me.

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Speed of Life

(With thanks to my husband for the topic)

Speed of life imitates speed of light.

Phone calls, e mails, text tones, iPhones, children and animals calling for attention.  YOUR attention.

Work overflowing.  Is there a limit?

How much sensory perception can we take in?  Are you a 35 mile-per-hour-er or a 75-mile-per-hour-er?  However fast you’re running now, is that your optimum speed?

What of people who have no limit?  The frayed strings of their atoms vibrate until they collapse.

If a 35 mph person marries a 75 mph person, does gravity pull them into a compromise?  Or does one get run over?  Where do the brakes come into play?

Think about….the speed limit of life.

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