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In summer
Cricket song
Rises and falls
   heat rises
  bird song falls
  to our ears
The music of nature
Never ceases to be
Even the quiet 
  tells a story
of hunger
of fear
of waiting, and watching,
a story of rest
of trying to best
Like nature, humanity is
  succeeding and failing
  living in joy and pain
And through all our Master watches
In quiet
From His dwelling place.

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The sunny day I captured God

I reached into a mountain brook

And pulled out a stone

Flat on one side, it looks like a nut,

Sparkly, colorful on the other

Just like us.

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Azaleas red lavender pink and white line the rail fence beside the path leading to the red roofed cottage.  Blue door stands out in intricate detail of tiny stitches.  Lighthouse stands tall beside the cottage with matching red roof. Crevassed cliff at foot of lighthouse imagines rocky sea below, dangerous waters.

People get to safety of fire-warmed kitchen cottage, mug of hot in their hand, by one of two paths.

The beautiful gently sloped path or the ridged stone cliff.

We find Jesus much the same way.  The easy way or the hard way.

How easy it would be to walk the path to comfort safety and security from the time we are children.  Church, Jesus stories, belief, conformance, faith, wrapped into one neat ball.  Doubts, yes.  Slipping on clutch of path rocks occasionally.

Some do.  Most don’t.  Satan’s lies get in the way.

How many of us choose lies over truth?  Starting at the bottom of the cliff, having been tossed by the waves of sea, driven and tossed by the wind? Beginning of our journey.

Then comes the hard part.  Climb.  Hand over hand, toehold over toehold. Bloody scrapes over skin knuckles knees.  Shedding lies as we climb higher. Reach the lighthouse after battles, war.  The journey so ingrained in our souls as to be the main part of us.  The pain driving us toward Jesus.  Funny, the stubbornness that put us on the cliff in the first place is the stubbornness that helps us reach the top.

Lies.  Truth.  Stubbornness.  Choices.  My mother set my feet on the easy path. Then I became stubborn.

Brothers and sisters, when trouble comes among you, let it be an opportunity for joy.  For when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.   Let it grow, for when it is fully developed, you will be strong in character and ready for anything.  James 1:2 -4

What is your path?


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13.  A prodigal son coming to church.

14.  My car seat warmer on a cold day.

15.  Having the physical ability to provide horse room service.

16.  Snowdrops in February.

16.  A high school fashion show including my beautiful daughter.

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Baptism night
Two moons
One in the black sky
One in the black water
Climb down
Into the chill
Salt marsh, waist deep
Welcoming arms of the
Hand over nose
Plunge back into
Baptism night

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It’s 4:30 in the afternoon.  I put foundation on.  Do this only for special occasions now.  The dog watches with curiosity.  I change from accessory to accessory, seeking the perfect match.

I remember the evening she sang the National Anthem at the ball park, amazement and pride overflowing when she nailed it.

Tonight is an appearance at the mall for an Angel Tree kick off event.

Suddenly, my circumstances turn awry.  On the way out the door, we can’t locate the dog.  Traffic is heavy.  I’m worried about getting to the mall on time. Gas is low.

Finally we make it to the mall, only to learn that the performer and her mom-ager forgot her CD accompaniment.

I turn around, drive home and back again.

flickr: Ranjeeth Nagarajan

As I drive, I listen to Christian radio, get my head back on straight.  Decide I do not need a Xanax, can handle these feelings.  Dr. Dobson on the radio talks about sacrificing for our children – how apropos!

Unexpected blessing abounds.

Can you remember a time of unexpected blessing?  Please leave a comment below.

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