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The FiveMinute Friday topic last Friday was community.  I am a little late, and a little more than five minutes, but here is my offering:

The Store

I have seen community.

I saw it in the country store my in-laws ran in the small hamlet of Murrells Inlet.  A white clapboard two-story building, steps climbing up the side like ivy, housed the store.  Upstairs, ancestors lived and loved and rested from hard work.  Gas pumps waited out front, under the Amoco sign.

Inside, white and black alike, you were greeted by  name.  In winter, a cozy wood burning stove and scattered chairs welcomed chat and gossip. Some, unable to pay, enjoyed credit extended: sometimes paid back, sometimes not.   Al’s homemade cut lunchmeat sandwiches filled stomachs. Glenda knitted behind the checkout counter.   Sons came and went, helping when they could.  The great white german shepherd Snow King kept a watchful eye, his descendants still roaming the Inlet. The wet earth smell of the marsh mud was ever present.

I saw community at the death of my father-in-law.

Looking into the many faces of the white choir, I teared up thinking that my sister-in-law belonged to them.  And they to her.  My heart swelled at the sound of the black choir, people from three different churches who came to be with our family that day to honor Al.   I cried when my husband’s fourteen Masonic brothers lined up in front with him to pay last respects.  White preacher and black preacher, they all shared one message, one community.


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The topic for five minute Friday is “empty”


I’m going to cheat a little because this topic brings to mind a piece I previously wrote:

In the beginning God created me.  I was empty, a formless mass cloaked in darkness. And the Spirit of God was hovering over me. And the Lord God Jehovah formed my body and breathed into it the breath of life.  And I became a living person.

And then what happened?

I am not empty today.  I am full of experiences, feelings, thoughts, wants and desires.  I am full of the Holy Spirit, and sometimes I let it out to show other people.  (lol)

In Beth Moore’s “James” course, I was just reading about the monkey who put his hand in a jar full of rice to get some food.  He couldn’t get his hand out because the jar opening was too small for his hand full of rice.  So we decide, do we want to be trapped with our desires, or do we want to be free but empty, hungry?

What’s your choice?

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