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I gave my problems to Jesus today,
And in his fanciful merciful way
He took my hands, curved them just so
Helping hold those problems I would not let go.

He and me, we blew breath on that living dish,
And like a dandelion wish,
Those problems swirled to ash
Bringing my heart peace in a dash.

To my amazement the ashes they flew,
To what end I hadn’t a clue.
Up to the heavens new stars they made
Light from the darkness the Master bade.


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The End

When our treasures turn to stone,
Then its time to travel home.
From earthly realms our spirit loose,
To meet in Heaven, forget the ruse.
Untie yourself from time and space ,
Unband yourself from this sinful place.
Hand in hand with Jesus go,
Unfailing love then you will know.

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