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He asked if I knew love.

I do I replied.

Its a feeling, but

So much more.

Boots on the ground

hard work.

Its whats for supper and

who goes to the grocery store.

It can be joy, it can be pain

Forgiveness is a must.

Its hating and loving at the same time.

Its disagreeing but still being there in the morning.

Its laughing and it can cry.

Love is cleaning the house,

Its picking up toys.

Its asking about making mistakes,

and the honesty that goes with it.

Love is sacrifice and freedom,

Encouragement and disappointment

all rolled into one.

Love is

a life journey.


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Beach house

The south wind whispers

  in the palms; it

  flattens the unruly sea.

The pier stands at attention

  as the flag salutes

  its Maker.

This poem is dedicated to Ms. Peggy, CL and Darwin for letting us use their beach house.  Blessings abound.

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