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We are deadline people.

I watch my daughter work on a project for music class at 1am.

I watch my husband work feverishly to put together and write captions for a pictorial history book.  Misses one deadline, then another.  He talks to myriads of people, obtaining pictures and getting the story straight.

On a high school Chorus trip to Disney world, the teens and chaperones have deadlines to be here, to be there.  As the final deadline approaches to go back to the hotel, relief courses through my weary body and painful neck, thankful that I will soon be resting.

Buy and wrap those presents in time to go to the party.

Deadlines spur us to do things.

If I don’t have a deadline, I fall into laziness, just doing what I want to do.  Being complacent.

Which leads me to the question: What about the deadline for being dead?  Do you think about that? Or are you complacent because no deadline is firmly established?

Will your soul be clothed with Jesus when your body ceases to live?  If not, where will it be?

Does the light draw you near, do you hear the call on the other side of the door?  Open your eyes and ears and set a deadline to decide.


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