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In December, I feel for those disconnected.  I feel for them because I am one of them.  Whether by coincidence or by design, this introvert feels more connected to her pets than to people.

December is the worst month of the year for sensitive spirits.  When we are bombarded  by goodwill  and cheer in the secular world, and the joyous birth of Christ in the religious world, those of us who are glass half empty people by nature shrink into ourselves, just a little more.  Wonder why we don’t feel the joy others do.  Ponder once again, what is wrong with me?

Financial worries, deaths of loved ones during the year, suicides in December, these feelings are all exaggerated in comparison to all the merry, merry glad tidings.  The light is shining on the darkness, but doesn’t seem to overcome.

Like the fake white tree with the perfectly wrapped presents, many feel out of place.

Fortunately, I find blessings in little things, and in my umbilical cord link to Jesus.  He helps me when I cannot help myself.

I was watching “Extreme Christmas Trees” on TLC, and I heard these words said by a cake decorator preparing a 10 foot cake for a Children’s Hospital:  “You know, I do cake for a living.  I’m not saving the world.  But it does give me a sense of higher purpose.”

Wow.  Reality check.  You know, I lay in bed.  You know, I work in my office putting numbers in boxes waiting for accounting emergencies.  You know, I help at the barn some.  You know, I try to support my husband.  You know, I raise my children, I attend their functions, I am their biggest cheerleader.  I’m not saving the world.  But it does give me a sense of higher purpose.  

Thank God for God.


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