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I gave my problems to Jesus today,
And in his fanciful merciful way
He took my hands, curved them just so
Helping hold those problems I would not let go.

He and me, we blew breath on that living dish,
And like a dandelion wish,
Those problems swirled to ash
Bringing my heart peace in a dash.

To my amazement the ashes they flew,
To what end I hadn’t a clue.
Up to the heavens new stars they made
Light from the darkness the Master bade.


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Satan comes to steal and destroy
He has so many faces
What today will be his ploy
And where will be his places?

 Will he look like a friend,
   a sister or brother
Will he be your spouse
Or will he be another?

The face he takes you may not know
But the good news is
No matter how below
    you’ve sunk in regression
Jesus has taken all your transgression.

So do not fear
For you are beloved
Let Jesus steer
And daily accept the dove.








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Going to Sleep

Waiting for sleep

In the cricket song night

Frog voices rise

Praising the Lord




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In summer
Cricket song
Rises and falls
   heat rises
  bird song falls
  to our ears
The music of nature
Never ceases to be
Even the quiet 
  tells a story
of hunger
of fear
of waiting, and watching,
a story of rest
of trying to best
Like nature, humanity is
  succeeding and failing
  living in joy and pain
And through all our Master watches
In quiet
From His dwelling place.

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The sunny day I captured God

I reached into a mountain brook

And pulled out a stone

Flat on one side, it looks like a nut,

Sparkly, colorful on the other

Just like us.

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Mrs. Young and the Chorus


The boys!


Phantom of the Opera Medley

Music of the Night

Leaving the auditorium,
Holding hands with joy, my soul
skips at the fresh memory
of girls in long black dresses and
Boys in tux,
Singing notes of love and
that well up emotions
you didn’t know you had.
Year of work in the high school chorus,
bright faces scrubbed clean,
voices light bringing peace to
the gathered.
Please, let me stay there.

Music of the Night


Dance Partners


Wishing You Were Here Again

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He asked if I knew love.

I do I replied.

Its a feeling, but

So much more.

Boots on the ground

hard work.

Its whats for supper and

who goes to the grocery store.

It can be joy, it can be pain

Forgiveness is a must.

Its hating and loving at the same time.

Its disagreeing but still being there in the morning.

Its laughing and it can cry.

Love is cleaning the house,

Its picking up toys.

Its asking about making mistakes,

and the honesty that goes with it.

Love is sacrifice and freedom,

Encouragement and disappointment

all rolled into one.

Love is

a life journey.

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