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Old Friends

When I was growing up, I always had a buddy.

In my childhood, my back door neighbor, Mary Lyl, was my best bud.  There was a place we could scale the fence easily.  Mary Lyl was a few years older than me, but when you’re under 10, that really doesn’t matter.  On Saturdays, we combined and set up all our Barbie doll paraphernalia on my back patio.  By the time we got everything set up, we were tired of playing!  We played on the swing set, biked around the neighborhood, and went to the “forbidden” “Big Field”.  This was a big field surrounded by woods, and had a creek running through it.  Later I have come to realize that creek is part of Columbia’s storm water system.  Oh well, what’s a little run off between friends?

When we outgrew each other, I was in my tween-teens and a girl a year younger than me moved in across the street.  Jill of the long straight hair introduced me to blue jeans.  I had never worn jeans before!  My mom was not into it.  But on to the Levi’s store we went, madly consumer-driven to purchase jeans.  As teens Jill and I had a lot of time to kill, especially in the summer.  We made many a trip to Hardee’s for specialty glasses (I wonder where those are now?) and to Woolworth’s for banana splits.  Both establishments were within walking distance.  We walked around the neighborhood, we bounced tennis balls off the carport wall, we talked about boys.  We watched soap operas.  Wow did we do a lot of soap opera watching.  There’s a soft spot in my heart for Jill and her family, but I can’t tell you today how I would get in touch with her.

Then in the hard core teenage years Linda, Nancy and I were fast friends.  We went to the same school and had the same interests, which is I guess to say, we were NOT on sports teams, or cheerleading, or popular.  Dare I day a small group of misfits?   With Nancy, I listened to music and went to the lake.  We went skating and horseback riding.  Oh those early riding days when I was invincible!  What a blessing to have had that time.  With Linda, we hung out at one house or the other, and started dating boys at the same time.  We skipped out on our Junior prom together to go with our dates to one of the boys’ lake house (sorry, mom).  We did our share of drinking and partying, smoked pot if we could find it (sorry again mom).  We graduated together and took a trip to Florida with my sister as chaperon to celebrate.  A guy peed on us in an elevator.  Linda and I got smashed at a place called Big Daddys.  Good times.

I had a good friend, Laurie, from church too.  She was the preacher’s daughter and we hung out as well as did all that youth group stuff and camp together.  I fell in love with Laurie’s cousin on a youth group ski trip, and my beloved aunt orchestrated a skit of marriage, and had him fake kiss me.  I was so boy crazy.

Then I went to college and started hanging out with the group of guys which my (new) boyfriend hung out with.  I don’t know what happened, but rarely after that did I have a girl friend.  When I began my professional life as an auditor, I had a friend at the company.  After a few years she moved to Greenville and she died after she had a baby.  That was traumatic.

Now in my adult life, I claim many acquaintances but few friends.  I don’t stay in touch very much with the one friend I would call a “good friend,” the one I have made since I moved here nineteen years ago.

Where do friendships go when they die?  I miss them.


Linda and I at the market in the Bahamas, Senior trip

Nancy and me


Prom double date with Linda

Pretend wedding!


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