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Inheritance of Hope

I have a hope chest.  I got it right after college. It is made of wood, it’s about 2 1/2 by 5 feet and it smells like cedar when I open it.

I looked in my hope chest recently, probably for the first time in 18 years.  In it I found a couple of homemade university blankets.  My memory is hazy about who made them.  I wonder now why I didn’t use them.  If I use them now, I would smell like I was wrapped in a cedar tree.  Then came the handmade napkins with a lobster pattern.  Once again, why not used?  Why not stored in a linen drawer?  They would have been a great accessory for our crawfish parties.

Next comes my wedding stuff, including pictures, the register, invitations, planning book and a “bride file” with all the names of the guests and the stuff they gave us.  Now that we’re divorced, should I send it back?  Or is there a statute of limitations, say, if you were together for at least 10 years, go ahead and keep the gifts.

The last items I placed into my hope chest were things related to my daughters.  Birth announcements, a calendar of baby’s first year, the christening dress, and various artwork made by little hands.  Growing up goes by so fast.


I haven’t looked in that chest since placing the last items for my youngest daughter, now 17.  But now, in my new house, with the ink still wet on my divorce papers, God has nudged me to look.  Hope. Chest.

He is asking me, where does my hope lie?

In my education? Looking back on it, I sure had a blast in college, and got good grades, too.  It prepared me (or it was more like a stepping stone) for my accounting career.  Here in reality today, though, I have to say that although I like accounting and I think it’s fun (yes, I’m an accounting nerd), my hope doesn’t lie there.  If God blesses me with financial provision, I won’t have to work.  If God wants me to be working, there I will be.  To me, it is just a matter of where will I meet people to be in relationship with – to witness to.  It’s going to be one place or another.

Does my hope lie in lobster napkins?  Those parties at that time in my life involved a lot of drinking.  Alcohol, not water.  The blur of good times was just that, a blur of shallow and insubstantial relationships.

Now we’re up to the wedding, the marriage.  I tried for a long time to be half of another, yet independent at the same time.  I hoped it would work.  In my heart of hearts, I hoped.  I even prayed.  It just didn’t work out.  No hope there.  In fact, for a few years there, my hope was sucked out of me with the force of tornadoes.   Wow, I don’t seem to be batting a thousand on the hope chest.

Then along comes my girls.  My precious babies.  I was so a mama, and I like to think I still am.  I love them and I love taking care of them.  And that’s exactly the problem with making my children my hope.  When they do or become something I never envisioned for them, a little piece of my heart hurts.  All I can do is move on and keep supporting and encouraging them.  I can’t make them my hope, that’s too much of a stretch.

So I can’t place my hope in my education, my career, shallow relationships, marriage, my ex husband or my children, no matter how much I have in my hope chest.

You know, I think the hope chest is misnamed.  It should be called a memory chest.  One day my children will inherit my hope chest, with all those memories.  I realize, though, that is not what I want their inheritance to be.  I want them to have an inheritance of hope.

I have experienced hopelessness, so I understand the lack of hope, living in the dark.  The Bible says those who lack hope are despairing, are choosing their own mad course, are dead, are miserable, have shame and sorrow, and are spiritually dull and indifferent.  I do not want to be those things, I want to have hope!

Hope is not a “looking back” action.  You don’t hope that yesterday you didn’t run out of gas.  You don’t hope that last week you were peaceful.  Hope is a continuous, forward looking action.

Hope throughout the Bible is described as these things:

– Courage

– Protected

– Resting in safety

– Salvation

– The LORD alone

– Help

– The Word

– For the living

– Deliverance

– Seeking

– A future

-Plans for good

– God listening

– Boldness

-Confident assurance

– Finding God

– End of captivity

– Restoration of fortunes

– Unfailing love

– Merices

– God’s faithfulness

– Freedom

– Waiting patiently and confidently

– Happy

– Peace

– Daring

– Belonging to Jesus

– Honoring Christ

This is why and how I hope.  This is what I want my daughters to inherit.


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